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Print copies are only available for a limited time surrounding the magazine's release date. We're accepting orders for Volume II, Issue IV from October 1st-October 16th. All orders will be sent to the printer on Monday, October 17th.


In an effort to help protect the environment amidst a climate crisis, we are now using a sustainable printer. Print copies for the general public are $15 per copy, but featured creators get their first copy for $13 ($15 each subsequent copy). 

The magazine will feature matte, high-quality pages in full color. And don't worry, we're still showing some love for our multimedia pieces! These creators will be represented with a screenshot from their video, a QR code to access their Vimeo video, and their name & piece title. 

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Fill out the form below and Venmo your full transaction to @MadisonJane818 or send PayPal payments to to secure your order by Sunday, October 16th. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged copies and cannot reimburse copies lost in the mail. 

​-->  If you don't Venmo within 48 hours of your order, we will Venmo request you. If you don't fulfill this request, your order will be cancelled.

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