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Hi! I'm Madison, the founder & editor of Carolina Muse Literary & Arts Magazine.


If you're here, you have either: 1. subscribed to our monthly newsletter, or 2. submitted your work to our magazine. Thanks for being my truest pals. Your support means the world to me, and I hope you'll stick around for some monthly musings from yours truly!


Here's the lowdown: I have creative arts advice for all artistic mediums, local Carolina arts events (don't worry, they're virtual and/or socially distant in-person), and my favorite, some creative inspiration from my lovely & talented team.




Are you stuck in a writer's block? Artist's block? Dare I say, musician's block? Well, you, my friend, have come to the right place. I am here to tell you that it's not about how fast you get there or about what's waiting on the other side.

I give you: the climb [to the perfect piece].


Step one. Slow down. Stop everything you're doing, & don't even try to come up with a creative idea. Breathe. Our minds are constantly being over-stimulated, and all of those Tik Toks you've been watching are going to clog up your creativity pores. Wash your face, get off Tik Tok, and practice boredom to reset your idea clock. 


Step two. Edit! This is my favorite recommendation. Helping others perfect their art will remind you of what distinguishes a good piece from a not-so-good one. Think of it like washing your car. By the end, you've most likely cleaned yourself in the process, too✨


Step three. Create something using a different medium than you're used to. Never written a poem? Stretch those poetic muscles & write one! Know the exact emotion you're trying to capture in your short story but don't know how to express it? Paint or draw that emotion instead!

If you've tried each of these steps, you're on the road to creating a show-stopping piece. We'd love to see it! Click here to view our submission guidelines to submit your work before our November 30th deadline.




🌸 North Carolina

  • Nov. 21, 8pm-10pm: Jambalaya Soul Slam Annual Women's Slam

    • RSVP w/ a donation to watch established & emerging poets share their poetry on stage at Hayti Heritage Center. Show is socially-distanced.

  • Nov. 22, 6pm: Virtual Music and Museum | 1 Cent Life

    • Charlotte's The Bechtler Museum's exhibition, 1 Cent Life, inspires this month’s free virtual concert, engaging with themes present work by composer Zhou Long

  • Nov. 25-26, 10am-5pm: Arts & Crafts Drive-About Tour

    • Free, self-guided driving tour of galleries and studios in Graham and Swain County (near Robbinsville), starting at the Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center.

  • Now-February 14: Maya Freelon: Greater Than or Equal To

    • Current exhibition at CAM Raleigh modern art museum downtown.

🏵️ South Carolina

  • Nov. 21, Dec. 5, 10am-4pm: Indie Craft Parade Outdoor Mini Market

    • Admission is free for this year's outdoor mini market. Over 20 unique artists will be featured at Maker's Collective in Greenville.

  • Nov. 20, 8pm: Stop Light Observations Concert w/ Sam Burchfield

    • Indie rock band SLO is performing a virtual and a socially-distant, in-person concert at the Charleston Gaillard Center. $15 per virtual ticket, $50 per in-person ticket.

  • Nov. 25, 6pm: Awendaw Green Barn Jam Outdoor Concert Series

    • Tickets for a socially-distant picnic table at Barn Jam in Awendaw County will be available one week prior to the concert. Featured artists include The Epicureans, Kenny Bryan, Mark Bryan, and Michael Tracy.




Henry  |  music


Steph  |  art

Orpheus & Eurydice Go Grocery Shopping (excerpt)

He rips a notebook

from the waistband of her jeans,

slips a dying pen

from the knot in her hair,

sits among ice cream

residue on the freezer aisle floor,

leans on the door that shelters

pints of mint and Chunky Monkey.

How lovely, how riotous

the sharpness of her jaw, the ache

in her cheeks as she calls his name.

Annie  |  poetry

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