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Want to add your voice to the arts community of the Carolinas?

Carolina Muse Literary & Arts Magazine is proud to accept multimedia submissions through Duosuma primarily from young adult creatives who have a connection to North Carolina or South Carolina (although, this is not a requirement). Your work does not necessarily have to reflect your connection to the Carolinas.


We publish visual art & photography, dance videos, music (videos or audio), poetry (text, video, or audio), and short stories & scripts. In our selection process, we value submissions that draw meaning from our world and the intricacies of our human experience. We love to see creators test the boundaries of their art form to bring their passions, interpretations, experiences, and messages to life. We seek to uplift voices that have been systematically ignored in our society, and we do not discriminate against race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, native language, religion, age, disability, marital status, pregnancy, citizenship, etc.

Yearly Open
Submission Windows

February 1st - April 15th

June 1st - August 15th

October 1st - December 15th

Submit Your Creative Work Through Duosuma

We're now using the trusted submission platform Duosuma to collect creative submissions. While there is no cost to submit, we encourage creators to donate to our tip jar through the platform. Even a dollar or two can make a difference in keeping our magazine running! Find our submission guidelines below and on our Duosuma project portal.


Art & Photography

We accept visual art & photography in JPG or PNG formats. Please ensure your piece has quality of at least 300 ppi, and please name your file the title of your piece.


We accept a maximum of three poems per submission. Please submit your work as a Google Doc file so we are able to collaborate with you on possible revisions if your piece is accepted. Name this Google Doc file the titles of your pieces. We also consider spoken word poetry as video or audio clips. Give both & poetry editor emails access to your work.

Music & Dance

Henrik Crusell's Clarinet Concerto No. 1 in E Flat Majora by Erin Eady
Feel Better by Brailey Johnson and The Johnson Company
Nourish by Rhett Hissam

Music submissions can be video or audio formats, but we encourage video submissions if possible. Please do not let your content exceed five minutes. Videos should be 1080p with adequate lighting & satisfactory audio quality. We consider all genres of music. Share your work through Google Drive with & music editor

Dance video submissions must not exceed five minutes in length, but your submission can be an excerpt from a larger piece. The submitter can be a dancer or choreographer. Videos should be 1080p with adequate lighting & satisfactory audio quality. These videos can be dance films or recorded stagework. We also consider all genres of dance. Share your work through Google Drive with & dance editor

Short Stories & Scripts

We will consider up to three story or script submissions per creator per submission period. Each piece should not exceed 7,000 words. Please specify whether your piece is fiction or non-fiction within your submission email. Your work should be submitted as a Google Doc file so we are able to collaborate with you on possible revisions if your piece is accepted. Give & commenting access to your work.

Once you submit your work, one of our editors will be in contact with you in the following weeks regarding your submissions' status and possible next steps. Carolina Muse is proud to have a collaborative editorial process in which multiple exchanges between creator & editor may be needed to get your piece to its highest potential. 


We do accept simultaneous submissions; however, we ask that if your work is accepted elsewhere, communication remains transparent & timely.* 

Disclosure Statement 

*We reserve the right to edit short stories for grammar, mechanics, and clarity. We also reserve the right to edit video submissions for consistency with the magazine’s style. Creators will not be compensated upon their acceptance. *Creators will be credited for their work in a byline and on our website; however, all content, design, and images published within Carolina Muse are © 2020-2023 Carolina Muse Literary & Arts Magazine and can be republished with written consent from both the creator & editor. We claim First Serial Rights to the work. Certain art forms hold exceptions to this. Email with any questions regarding specifics for your art form. By submitting your work, you signify that you have read and agree to this statement.

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