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Our next submission deadline is one week from today... It truly feels like we're approaching issue II quicker every day (wild how time works, right?). I can't be more excited to see what our next issue grows into. Our accepted pieces always seem to have a mind of their own, and even I don't know what to expect for the next issue. 


Are you interested in submitting—again, or for the first time? Click here and review our submission guidelines.


If you would've told me a year ago... well, anything that happened this year, I wouldn't have believed you. First and foremost, that we'd be living in a freakin' pandemic. Secondly, and more specific to me, I'm running a whole ass literary & arts magazine! 


The magazine was a "where I see myself in 10 years" goal of mine. Ten years. But here we are. If you have a big, creative dream you'd like to achieve, read on for my top pieces of advice that brought me to where I am today (pandemic aside).



Carolina Muse started from just a tiny thought in my head. "You know what would be sick? Starting your own arts magazine... but make it multimedia," said my not-so-tiny thought💭 How is that even possible? Let's get down to it.


One.  Tell everyone about your new thing.  I told all of my friends, my family, my friends' families, my family friends... anyone & everyone. This helps to hold you accountable, not to mention, you're bound to talk to someone that can help you along the way! 


Two. RESEARCH! I spent hours pouring over research before ever announcing Carolina Muse on social media. See what other people in your niche are doing and figure out where you can bring something new to the table! Bonus: Make sure you have all the necessary & cost-effective tools you need.


Three.  Have y'all heard of manifesting? If not, I might be about to blow your mind because this stuff works. Each day, set aside intentional time to visualize every aspect of your dream: what your successes will feel like, what your journey looks like to get there, what your emotions are, who's alongside you, where your work ends up. Before you know it, you will speak these things to life✨ 


Four. Persistence & patience are key.


If you've used these tips to create something awesome, submit it to us by Feb. 28th to be featured in Issue II!




🌸 North Carolina

  • Daily until March 3rd: Meredith College Art Department Exhibition

    • This free art show is taking place at the Weems Art Gallery in Raleigh. It showcases artists spanning across various media.

  • Feb. 26, 7-8:30pm: Carley Arrowood Bluegrass Performance

    • This award-winning fiddler, singer and songwriter is performing at Isis Restaurant and Music Hall in Asheville. Seating is limited & socially-distanced. Admission= $15

  • March 11, 7pm: Online Poetry Class: How Poems Alchemize Our Realities

    • Ina Cariño leads this online poetry class titled "Words as Symbols, Words as Spells: How Poems Alchemize Our Realities." Space is limited. $35 for NC Writers' Network members, $45 for non-members.

🏵️ South Carolina

  • Feb. 28: Jo Ann Walker Poetry Scholarship Deadline

    • $500 is awarded to the winner of this annual poetry scholarship competition. Winner will be announced March 15th.

  • Now through March 19: Art Exhibit Supporting Wildlife Conservation

    • This exhibition at Aiken Center for the Arts in Aiken titled "Going... Going... Gone..." supports wildlife conservation & education through art.

  • Feb. 26, 7pm: Baroque Virtual Concert: “Concerti da Casa”

    • Free virtual concert that features 8 classical musicians playing instruments from the cello to the baroque violin to the lute! It features music for solo viol by Sainte Colombe; songs from Barbara Strozzi’s musical salons; plus works by Telemann, Abel, and Boismortier.


from our team

Fawnly  |  dance

god (excerpt)


I heard a theist say once

that God is like the wind,

unseeable          yet feelable,

a translucent force to face

with kneeled knees.


through the panels of glass

in my apartment I watch

the forest leaves flicker 

like the flames of fate, 

wild,                     fast.

Amanda  |  poetry

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