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🏳️‍🌈✨Happy Pride! ✨🌈

A discussion of current events in the wake of the hell month that is June 2022


First of all, I wanted to wish a Happy Pride to all our readers & creators at the Carolina Muse! As we come to the end of one of my personal favorite months of the year, we here at the Carolina Muse would like to recognize that the events of this month have shocked us all and that we need to stick together during these uncertain times, as women, people with uteruses, lgbtqia+ identifying people, people of color, and allies alike.


Admittedly, I found it extremely difficult to write this newsletter this month. I planned on writing a fun Pride newsletter, inspired by attending NYC Pride this past Sunday. However, Friday morning, I woke to news that hit me (and a majority of Americans) like a ton of bricks, (61% of Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, according to the Pew Research Center). 


As a queer-identifying, cis woman, I spent the majority of Friday staring out my window unblinkingly, thoughts speeding off the track as I came to realize the reality of where I truly belong in this American society. I have been switching from deep, existential sorrow, to pure, unadulterated rage on a minute-to-minute basis. As we all know, it is exhausting.


However, it is essential to state that I understand my privilege, and I wish to turn the focus away from my own devastation (and others like me), and turn it to making productive change and fight for human rights that have been lost this week, and those that are being threatened, such as equal marriage & interracial marriage. I understand that I am a white, middle class, cis woman who lives in NYC, in one of the bluest states in this country. I know that I personally will be able to access safe healthcare should I need it. It is for the people of color, the lower class, the people who live in red states that have already made abortion illegal, that we need to fight for. 


Below, you will find resources, specific to the Carolinas, which will cover information on donation links to Carolina-based abortion funds, information about abortion access, and educational resources on what Roe v.  Wade overturning really means. I am by NO MEANS an expert on any of this, and I hope you all recognize that though I am but one voice, every single one of us has the ability to make change if we engage in this essential discussion, donate if we have the means, and protest if we have the ability. 


Lastly, I want to wish a truly blessed and happy Pride month to all who wish to celebrate, and that the news of this week is just another reminder of why we must clutch our loved ones as tight as possible, raise a glass, and keep fucking shit up for the next generation, as the generations before did for us. 

Despite all the terror from current events, I should still let you know that since our last newsletter, there are a few news updates to keep an eye out for:

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NC Resources

  • The Carolina Abortion Fund (for both North & South Carolina) is a 501-c3 nonprofit founded in 2011, created to support those trying to access affordable reproductive healthcare in North & South Carolina

  • Founded in 1997, Pro-Choice North Carolina works to support & protect access to all reproductive health care options and the ability for each North Carolinian to make reproductive health decisions that are best for them and their family. 

  • The Guttmacher Institute published an article reviewing current facts about North Carolina and abortion, including a very helpful and updated section on current North Carolina restrictions on abortion as of June 28, 2022. 

SC Resources

  • Published on Friday, June 24, and updated this morning, this Washington Post article is a great resource to keep updated on which states have already banned abortion, states likely to ban (such as South Carolina) and states in which abortion is likely to be protected. 

  • ARC Southeast is a phenomenal resource devoted to providing logistical and financial support to women and people with uteruses in the American South East, including South Carolina. For many people in the south, access to out of state travel for reproductive health is financially limiting, so this organization is devoted to providing aid for those looking for solutions out of state.



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