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The interactive nature of our multimedia arts magazine opens new doors in the advertising department. We can send our readers straight to your business with just one click or one scan of a QR code. As creative self-starters ourselves, we’d love to develop a partnership with other small businesses in the Carolinas. So, we’re offering an ad package that includes a personalized design and a direct link to your website or Etsy page. Each edition of our magazine reaches 2,000+ young creatives in the Carolinas, and this number is only projected to grow. We’re excited to offer your business this same exposure. Email us to learn more, and we would be happy to put together an ad proposal fit for your unique business goals.

Ad Sizes & Pricing

Full-Page Ad: $75 (8.5in x 11in)

Half-Page Ad: $40 (4.25in x 5.5in)

Quarter-Page Ad: $25 (2.125in x 2.75in)

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