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Long time, no newsletter! We took a lil summer break last month to relax between issues... lot's of work goes into those things😅 Thanks for sticking with us <3


Since we've last chatted, there are a few news updates:

  • Our issue IV submission deadline is midnight this Tuesday, August 31st (submission guidelines found here) (u know u wanna submit)

  • We're still selling ads for issue IV! Reach out to with all inquiries.

  • We're now selling STICKERS!

    • We have a logo sticker and one sticker for our first two issues🌸💛🌑

    • Purchase one for $3, and each additional sticker is just $1! 

    • If you submit any time between now and Friday, August 27th, you get one FREE sticker of your choice (please add your preferred sticker & shipping address to your email submission).



This month, I had the privilege of interviewing Amanda Conover, our lovely poetry editor, about her personal journey to sharing her work. Did you know she was also published in our first issue before she became our poetry editor?


She is passionate, empathetic, and driven, and we are proud not only to have her on the team but also to have published two of her poems. Now, let's chat🗯️


💖 AT WHAT POINT in your writing career did you decide you were ready to share your work? 

I first started sharing my work because I had to as a requirement for some writing classes I took in college! I definitely did not feel ready at that point, but being forced to do it anyway helped me realize there never is a "perfect time" to share your work. As long as you feel comfortable enough with your work, you don't really lose anything by submitting.


💖 WHY did you decide to submit your work? 

As someone who reads a lot of poetry myself, I know what it feels like to have poems deeply impact you or even completely change your perspective. I decided to submit so that my poetry could maybe spark that feeling in someone else, or at least be something that other people could enjoy reading. 


💖 DO YOU EVER write poems that you love but would never want to be published?

Yes! Sometimes I write poems that I end up loving but are just too personal or that contain details I don't feel comfortable sharing with everyone. I definitely use writing as a form of processing emotions and working through things, so sometimes things get written that I could never publish. 


💖 WHAT was the process of submitting like? 

The hardest part for me was finding time to look through my poems, choosing ones that I felt would fit with Carolina Muse and what the magazine encompasses, and then formatting my poems in the right way to submit them based on the Carolina Muse guidelines. Overall, the process wasn't too hard but definitely required some thought when choosing what to submit. 


💖 HOW did you feel once you were accepted? Once you saw the magazine?

I was really excited to be accepted! Since I was accepted into the first issue of Carolina Muse, I didn't know exactly what the magazine was going to look like in terms of combining a variety of art forms, but I was super happy to be a part of it. Seeing the magazine online was amazing, I remember being impressed by the graphic design and how well everything looked together. Getting to see my poetry in print was something I'll never forget, it really solidified the fact that my work was a part of something special. I was very grateful to have my work next to so many talented creators. 


💖 WHAT do you think the benefits are to submitting your work?

I think submitting your work is a great way to connect with different literary magazines and people, get your work out there, and start building a name for yourself as a writer! 


NC Events🌸

  • August 27th, 3pm-10pm, Aug. 28th, 9am-10pm, LEAF Festival → Free downtown Asheville event: "These two days will be filled with international music, art, workshops, great food and drinks, and plenty of family activities."

  • August 28th, 6pm-9pm, S.P.E.A.K. on the Lake: A Black & White Affair → This Raleigh event features a night of poetry, artists, and music, all by the lake. $13-$20

  • Sept. 24th-26th, various times, Festival in the Park → This Charlotte festival brings good music, good art and good times to Charlotteans and visitors from around the world! 

SC Events🏵️

  • August 28th, 7pm, The Terence Young Jazz Show → This jazz show at the Charleston Music Hall features Terence Young, who "has earned the reputation of one of the most talented and electrifying Lead Guitarist in the world."

  • Sept. 3rd, 6pm-9pm, First Friday at Greenville Center for Creative Arts → In this free art show in Greenville, "you’ll have the opportunity to meet the resident working artists, see their studio spaces and works in progress, and learn more about their personal style and artistic process."



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